thanks to everyone who has signed up - sign-ups are now closed. everyone should have their groups by now, according to what you signed up to make: cds or tapes. if you accidentally clicked the wrong one, TOO BAD. i'm sorry, but i grouped everything according to what YOU sent me, and if you clicked the wrong button i can't help you now because the groups are closed and there are no leftovers. also, if you did not get an email from me, it means you were not included because you did not provide a valid email address. tough nuts for you, maybe next time you'll remember the "@" symbol.

when you get your email with the group you are in, please be aware that you are supposed to be listed in your own group. this is okay, so PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME saying "hey wait, you screwed up, i'm in my own group!" THAT IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE. there are six people listed in each email - you make five mixes and SEND THEM OUT TO THE FIVE OTHER PEOPLE WHO AREN'T YOU. get it? this was the easiest way to email out the groups. i thought it made perfect sense, but judging by the amount of emails i got telling me i was a dumbass because people were listed in their own groups i guess i was wrong. again, you will be listed in your group email, but that is okay. that's so the other five people in your group know to make you a mix. DUHHHHHHH.

january 15 - january 31, 2005
this is the period of time that you have to work on, record, decorate, and mail your mix out. by january 31, 2005, everyone who signed up to participate in mixtrade should have five different mixes from five different people in their possession.

% whatever format you request (tape or cd) is the format you must also send out yourself. you cannot request a mix cd and then send out cassette tapes to the people on your list.

% you must supply a full track list with each mix, and it must include artist and song title for each track. nothing is worse than getting a mix and not knowing what any of the songs are. (also, decoration isn't required, but it's preferred. mixes almost sound better when they come with cool covers.)

% when mailing your mixes, please use padded envelopes or bubble wrap or paper towels or something to try to insure that they won't arrive at their destination cracked in half.

% your mixes must be postmarked by january 31, 2005. it would be nice if you could send them earlier so that people would receive them by that date, but they need to at least be postmarked by that date. if the people you were assigned don't receive a mix from you and they let me know about it, i will happily pass your email address on to them so that they can harrass you. which leads me to the next rule...

% please don't bail on us. it's not fair for you to get five free mixes without doing your part and sending out your five. don't be an asshole and ruin it for the rest of us who worked hard to put together and mail out your mixes.

1. i will not share your information with anyone other than the five people assigned to make mixes for you.
2. you may have to mail mixes outside of the united states, however just mailing a cd or a tape via air mail shouldn't be too expensive. also, you may get mixes from other countries in return! exotic!
3. if i am contacted by someone you were supposed to send a mix to and they tell me they didn't get anything from you, either i myself will email you and harrass you or i will give them your email address so that they can harrass you themselves. send your mixes out on time!
4. thanks for participating! :)

(while this is hardly an original idea, this particular incarnation was brought to you by april hornbuckle. recognize.)
questions? email me.